Dutch word for negroe/black man/afro-american etc. Not offensive.
The other definition mentioned here refers to the word "nikker", which means nigger and is offensive.
Clarence is a neger. The groups consists of 3 blanken (ducth word for white man) and 3 negers
by Marc Uittenhout April 9, 2005
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Du borde intega neger. (=you shouldnt say nigger)
by FuriousFetcH June 10, 2005
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Dutchie calling you a nigger
You motherfucking neger
by Puntz0r October 27, 2004
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A neger joe is a word for the cotton pickers living on the out side of stockholm they live in something they call "orten"
Oh im gonna listen to some neger joe music
by bommulsplockaren123 March 23, 2021
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The German word for "The Nigger". Also "Der Nigger" is used. Black German's prefer the term Afro-Deutsch (Afro-German).
Weisse Mann: DU!
Schwarze Mann: Ich?
Weisse Mann: Ja, Du. Du neger!!
Schwarze Mann: *Klick Klock*~~Boom
Weisse Mann: Ahhhh...Meine Beine!!
by Der Neger January 19, 2005
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