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A quote from the god of rappers, Eminem himself. It means that you will never be a Rap God like Eminem, who is a fucking chocolate. So sit down and listen to Eminem.
Me-"This guy to good!"
by TimtamXpress December 3, 2019
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The fast part of from Eminem's 2013 song, Rap God. It was the fastest verse in the rap game until Godzilla.
by Tr45h June 17, 2022
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n. a retard, a dumbass but without the ss
pronounciation is doomuh
what the fuck are you talking about, dumma!
omg you're such a dumma.
by walkwalkwalk July 25, 2021
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Swedish slang word for someone being really dumb. If someone says something obviously wrong by mistake the word can be used to mock this person. Direct swedish translation: "Stupid/dumb donkey". Originated from Malmö, Sweden
Person 1: "I thought Africa was a country"
Person 2: "Dumma åsna"
by TheWordConnoisseur January 14, 2019
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uh summa lumma dumma lumma
uh summa lumma dumma lumma
by KysonAndrews May 17, 2022
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