Orten is a word for thug/förortsbo; ghetto
Jag är från orten bror.
by Jibban January 26, 2016
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Orten is the swedish version of the ghetto, but instead of black people arabic people lives in orten, and some black people too

Orten is a dangerous place with drugs and guns, some swedish people like to act like they are from orten, to seem cool ( often 7 th/6 th graders )
Noah: Damn, Arvid really thinks he’s from orten huh
Arvid: braps braps mannen, jag knullar din gäri
by Imjustanavragegirl December 29, 2020
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Albin, Albin is orten no question bout it
Yoo did u see orten this afternoon
by Beastyy04 October 14, 2019
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Orten means slang word for immigrant
Used in Sweden a lot to identify if your an immigrant or not.
Or if you want to be "cool".
Are you from the orten, man?

Swedish: Ey bror, kommer du utanför orten?
by ImmigrantFromSweden September 22, 2020
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Orten shop is a term invented by the Dania Mandzukic. She is the Orten universe. In the Orten squad there are not many memebers but for no reason here is their names. Orten Mall, Orten Crisp, Orten-munk,...
Amir: Ay walla mannen

Wallah: Har du cigg elle???!!!
Orten shop wallah
by gamerjhonny January 25, 2022
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A person from sweden (typically Swedish origin) who identifies themselfes with the growing orten "movement" because they want to fit in and be cool, very common in swedish schools, the orten wannabe act is typically adapted by an insecure person who wants to join the cool kids from the refugee camps & bad neighbourhoods.
"Hordu Johnathan, varför är du en sån jävla Orten wannabe din homosexuella fan?"
by ErlandFromNorrmalm May 17, 2019
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An act of smashing a cucumber into someone’s head. The prank originates from the Swedish snap chatterAbbe Blattelito” who urges his followers to continue smash cucumbers.
”En rektor i Karlstad har blivit slagen i huvudet med ortens batong

”A principal in Karlstad has been hit by ortens batong in his head”
by Soderboi February 17, 2018
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