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instead of getting a boner you get a boner into your body or

turned off
Friend: i was with this girl last night and i got a negative boner
Other friend: cool story bro
by AsianWoveTaco February 13, 2012
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The opposite of a boner. When you are really cold/turned off, your dong will scrunch up so tight that it gets stiff.
by Tomanton January 31, 2006
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An Negativeboner happens mainly when a man is exercising and requiring blood flow to go to other part of his body besides his penis. This does not happen to all men. The guy's dick shrinks up to the size it was when he was 3, and sticks straight out, making a prominent small bulge in pants like gym shorts or swimsuits. This happens to men of all sizes (penis wise) and is really embarrassing and aggravating. They mainly occur during high weight or high intensity workouts, or cardio.
Bob was doing 500pound squats in the school gym. all the girls were watching. When he put the weight back, OH NO! he had a Negativeboner and everybody could see how tiny his dick was at that moment. Bob was extremely humiliated and now everyone thinks he has a baby penis. Bob knows his dick is actually a bigger than normal size. He just wishes everybody else knew that...
by Da man with tha truth August 08, 2011
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When the zipper of a pair of shorts/pants concaves up producing the image of a boner instead of rising but collapsing into itself hence negative.
Nick: -points to me- Negative Boner!
Scott: LOL
Me: WTF Damn it ...
by P huNgy November 18, 2003
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When something turns you off so much, that you’re dick physically cringes and you feel no attraction for a short period of time.
*finds picture of grandma naked*
“Dude! I just got a Negative Boner!”
by ThE cReAtOr July 04, 2018
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