a useful being, tall, dark, handsome. good for out drinking, out witting, and out doing you in about everything. he is out to get you, sucker
you have just been neebed.
by kelBhave October 31, 2007
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Example 1)
"You're a neeb" -
"You have a small penis"

Example 2)
"That's neebish" -
"Your current manner is reminiscent of one who possesses a small penis"
by DukeSexington February 09, 2008
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Stemming from the word "inebriated" ( another term for drunk), a Neeb is a word used to describe someone who is drunk
"Look at Scott. He is such a Neeb at the moment."
by Marvie2 June 02, 2009
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The plural form of noob.
(Such as the plural of goose is geese.)
I hate those neeb over there, they beg for stuff all the time and ask stupid questions that I could care less to answer.
by Greenjer September 15, 2005
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(n) Any person who acts drunk, stupid, or is just a general nuisance; an assh*le.
(v) to get drunk or act like an idiot.

neebed; neebish; neeber
Contraction of 'inebriate'.
Better pass this guy. He's driving like a neeb.

Q: What are you doing for St. Pat's?
A: Goin out to get my neeb on!
by joespagg March 18, 2006
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Originating from Noob, Newb, Newbie, New player. When used in this term, It is an offensive statement.
"Hahahaz! Lolz!12 roflflz, I just pwnt d4t NEEB like a sizzy. LOLZ </3"
by Adam April 13, 2005
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