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hte fat roll that forms on the back of the neck between the base of the skull and the first and second vertebrae
i bet he can sleep sitting up with a neck pillow like that!
by shandy martin October 31, 2007
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Neck Pillows are just things you wear when travelling right ? Well not anymore. Neck Pillow Gang is a group of lovely, Unporblematic and very gorgeous girls. They formed together due to Daniel Seavey (a member of Why Don’t We, go buy their new EP invitation always plug) commenting about a Neck pillow gang. Zach Herron (another member) messaged them necked in a bath. They’re iconic and love Neck Pillows. Their Twitter is always lit and so is their Snapchat (their Twitter is @wdwnpg). They’re really well known within the fandom.
Famous person: “Here with my Neck Pillow”
Person 1: “OMG NECK PILLOW GANG !!!!”

Person 2: “That Neck Pillow Gang are iconic you should check them out”

Person 3: “Oh I already know them ! I know they’re iconic”
by NPG member November 03, 2017
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