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The accumulation of breast milk, formula, perspiration, shed skin cells, spit up, and saliva that gets caught in the neck creases of an infant, and creates a powerful odor (like stinky cheese). May precede or accompany intertrigo or a yeast infection.
Get a washcloth, I need to clean out baby's neck cheese.
by Ceanothus March 07, 2004
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Pungent, typically white, substance found in the folds of skin just below the chin of young infants.
What a cute baby...but that neckcheese is bringing tears to my eyes.
by Phil Barlow January 21, 2003
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the lingering odour of a fat person's neck, especially at the top of the neck. usually a horridly rank mix of dairy products and unusually high sodium content and the inability to scrub that unreachable area of the neck that plagues the obese.
john: dude, why do i smell cheetos and corn beef mixed with sadness?

matt: oh, thats just the fat kid in the corner, he just got out of gym class.

john: neck cheese...
by cristobal4680 August 01, 2011
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The nasty hair that grows from the back hair line down your neck.

the first example wants to make me throw up.
mary: hey that kid is kinda cute
kristy: yea but look at that neck cheese
by dan latcovich March 25, 2008
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