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A rockin' ass girl made of glitter and has a cat army for her country of FOBlind. SHE IS ROCK HARD FOR ANY SORT OF CONFLICT AND IS STILL ROCK HARD WHEN YOU BEAT HER ASS.
Pokemon Trainer: "Man, she was so rock hard when I beat her for 30 minutes. Must be a neci ass ho."
(We love neci)
by B.D.R. May 17, 2014
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She owns a imaginary mansion and loves all animals. She is weird but you would love to be around her. She has a unicorn/ panda army dressed in glitter and she will make you laugh all day. You can talk to her about anything and she’ll listen. She’s She also loves food it’s her number one favorite thing. So if you give her some she’ll eat it and regret not saving it for later but she’s not a pig. She’s just a weird, nice, and funny girl who loves food.
Random person: hey neci! I have food.
Neci: Really? I wannnt
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by Lalalarandom January 10, 2018
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A sarcastic girl who acts colder than she is. A reincarnate of Heather McNamara if she was a tiny bit more of a bitch. Doesn't make friends easily, but once she befriends you, she keeps you in her life until you fuck up. Don't do her dirty, because it will come back to you.
Damn, Neci is such a dark Betty Cooper
by Thelunalovegood June 09, 2018
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