A character in an 80’s movie named Heathers and a musical by the same name. She is part of the “mean girl” clique of her school and often referred to as the nicest Heather. Her signature colour is yellow and she is usually portrayed with curly blonde hair worn in a ponytail with a yellow scrunchie and a 80’s-themed outfit that’s trendy for the times. Though she had depression and social anxiety, it doesn’t excuse her actions of bullying (which she did do) unlike what crazy fangirls and stans of her would claim. Actually quite nice when she’s away from Heather Chandler.
“Who’s your favourite Heather?”
“Heather McNamara UwU, she is such an innocent cinnamon roll who made no mistakes!!!1!1!”
“You do realise she was also a Heather, right?”
by DeeIsCool September 19, 2020
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absolute bab that is too pure for this world and needs love
by Doncamataic March 09, 2017
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