* gorgeous/ hot
* smart
* spontenous/ carfree/ outgoing
* x-tremely rich
wow! what a bombshell! her name must be naz!
by laura December 16, 2004
A cute person with beautiful eyes. Attracts men wherever she goes.
(A) Naomi
by Philip (PlasticMonkey) June 10, 2004
Never Amount to Zero.

Used by the Sailing Team as their life motto.
by sppoooppy August 10, 2017
A Persian (Farsi) word used to describe females. Pronounced "Naaz".
A mixture of the following attributes to a delicate extent in a female:
Beauty, Elegance, Cuteness, Secrecy, Pride, Attractiveness, Mysterious

The complete set must exist so that a girl can be called "naz".

The order of adjectives shows the importance of each one.

The most important difference is the mixture of these attributes and their extent. For example, somebody who is very beautiful and attractive but is easy won't usually be referred to as a "naaz" person. Long story short, the girl should also know the game.

The term can also be used in general form for babies, pets etc. to simply indicate beauty.
That girl is soooo Naaz man. She is literally untouchable. (used as an adjective)
Have you seen Alice in our class, she has so much Naz. (used as a noun)
by Cultural.Linguist September 2, 2018
A drink consisting of half lemon/lime soda and half iced tea. Naztea Nazty If alcohol is added, typically vodka.
Could I start you out with some drinks? Yes, she will have a diet Coke and I will have a Naz, please.
by Potny December 3, 2019
Anything cool or awesome....This word must have a capital Z.
That game on TV last night was naZ son!
by Donnie April 15, 2004
Probably one of the chillest people you will ever know. They’re kinda in between you either like em or hate them. They got them bad bitch vibes, and you definitely don’t want to mess with them. They’re definitely an attractive type whether it’s their looks or personality... maybe both?
But this is definitely someone you wanna meet and keep around in your life. When they are nice to you, definitely don’t take it for granted because they might kick your ass!!
They might look harmless but trust me when I say you do not wanna mess with them—they’re fiesty.
Yo did you see that girl?..

Yeahhh she must be a Naz, you see how harmless she looked and then when that other chick tried to mess with her she did not go easy!

Yeahhh for real.. a total babe
by Nazmi23 April 14, 2020