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* gorgeous/ hot
* smart
* spontenous/ carfree/ outgoing
* x-tremely rich
wow! what a bombshell! her name must be naz!
by laura December 15, 2004
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Anything cool or awesome....This word must have a capital Z.
That game on TV last night was naZ son!
by Donnie April 15, 2004
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gorgeous girl. rare in beauty and personality. easy to fall in love with and want to hold onto forever.
Epic Nazzyness
by KXN4E July 26, 2009
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(n.) a gangster person; the most gangster person in the world.

(adj.) being mad gangster; mad G; very gangster; totally G
(n.) dude ur not a naz, so don't try.
(n. and adj.)nazia is maddd naz yo!

(adj.) damn G thats naz as hell!

by mgangster March 07, 2007
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