A name deriving from the Persian origin, usually used for females. Often mistaken for the hip hop artist "Nas."
Women who have this name often like long walks on the beach. They are very knowledgeable, and like intellectual conversations.
"Oh so you're name is Naaz?"
"Like the rapper?"
by Naaaaaaz May 9, 2010
A curious girl,who is ambitious with a kind heart but extreme trust issues. Loves to live alone most of the time but craves for the company of her close ones. She is the baddest bitch. Sometimes gets depressed but still a crackhead.
Unknown ppl: Naaz you're so quiet and shy type...
Her besties: Naaz Can you please shutup for a minute ?
by Jooniverse July 2, 2021
probably the most hottest and down to earth person you know.
Aileen : yooo are you friends with that guy named Naaz?
Afran : uhhh no why?
Aileen : they're super shy but really hot its so cute ughhh
Afran : like princess Shahzadi Naaz OMGG
by lolatrint123 January 31, 2021
Naaz is a short boet who resembles a smurf. They have the personality of a grandma and specialise in unique dancing.11
by primoham June 9, 2020
A hot lil Iranian-Indian mixed baddie with a fat ass 👅. Kinda crazy but it’s cool Bc she still packin it in the back ;). Always thinks her husband is talking to other women, always. Crazy and thicc 💦
Damn, there’s naaz over there
How do you know?
You see that phatty bro? Of course it’s naaz
by Random627 June 18, 2019
Hearts of Iron 4: NAAZ World is a hypothetical HoI4 that would be set in 2030's that would be about a world where the anarchist autonomous zones of 2020 in the USA escalated into a massive global anarchist revolution that leaded into the creation of the NAAZ (North America Autonomous Zone) and the turning of all G7 countries plus latin America into anarchists controlled by NAAZ, and also the restoration of the USSR and the creation of the Anunnakiya (Anunnaki State) in the Middle East for work as a buffer zone between the anarchists and the communists. There are still some remainings of NATO (World Treaty Organization - WTO) in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and the world as we known is unrecognizable by 2030's, without mention the whole magnetic anti-missile technologies of NAAZ and the anti-singularity technologies of NAAZ as well that enable NAAZ to win the WW3 against NATO and to enable the creation this anarchist order in the world. Leading into a cold war between NAAZ, New USSR and Anunnakiya.
NAAZ World is going to be a great HoI4 mod if someone decides to develop it, of course.
by Dumugian October 28, 2021