Feeling disgusted with a person or thing enough for you to vomit or at least want to vomit in your mouth and then swallow it.
You just made me Emotionally Nauseous.
by TankLaB September 22, 2007
A sex act whereby a man shoves his penis so far down his partner's throat so as to induce vomiting
I gave Jill the old nauseous sausage last night and it took forever to clean up all the vomit.
by fffreak69 August 7, 2015
That feeling you get when you gotta drop a couple stinky logs.
Hey babe i'll be back in like 20 min to bring you to pound town. I'm feeling a bit ass-nauseous right now.
by Stickycarseats November 10, 2020
A phrase used to describe an awful smell
Becca: *Opens lunch bag*
Emma: EW! What did your mom pack you for lunch?

Becca: fish salad.
Emma: ... It smells like nauseous grapes.
by EB! June 12, 2009
The feeling that one gets dizzy and wants to throw up after surfing the internet nonstop for a long time.
Surfing the net nonstop for three hours made her net nauseous.
net nauseous (adj)
by naami August 26, 2014
that feeling when you need to take a shit. feeling that your arms and legs are gonna poo.
I threw up last night. I felt so nauseous
by itsobamabruh March 17, 2015