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Used to describe something that is at the same time both abhorrent and attractive. Most commonly used to describe odours.
Bored out of his brain, Billy went from picking his nose to scratching his balls and fingering his arse hole. With absent mind he went back to picking his nose and was smacked around the face by the abhorrent smell. He gingerly put finger back to nose and found with further inspection that the smell was actually really rather attractive. This led him to experiment with his other bodily odours. Such joy! Never again would he know boredom. There seemed infinate combinations of nasty-nice smells:
ear-wax, cockcheese, belly-button fluff, cheesy toenail stuff. Spunk sock, gym sock, football sock, pre-cum cock. Front of pants, back of pants, the tiny area between back and front of pants...
by Andy Pandy January 02, 2004
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