A man that a woman knows will be loyal, dependable, loving, caring, and will respect, support, and treat her right, but she refuses to be with him because she's addicted to being neglected, abused, and playing the victim.
Friend: How was your date on Friday?

Her: It was great, we had alot of fun. He's nice.

Friend: Awesome! Are you going on a second date with him?
Her:I don't know, probally not. I'm not ready for a relationship yet.
by Girl Code Exposed October 21, 2021
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This phrase is something a woman says when she isn't really attracted to a guy that she dated. She uses this term to cover up her inner feelings.
Jill: "Hey how did the date go?"
Sarah: "Well, he's nice."
by nathanispro June 12, 2008
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Expression used to describe someone who thinks they are cool when they aren't.
"Did you see that kid push that little freshman down the hall?" -Person 1
"Yea. Kid thinks hes nice"

"Look at that fag with the blow out and wife beater."-P1
"I'm telling you dude. Kid thinks hes nice" -Me
by ThegermanguyinMA May 20, 2008
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You really don't have anything to say about him.
Bob: How do you like your roommate?
John: I mean... he's a nice guy..
by yayayaytomm February 4, 2010
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Parent speak for one of the following definitions:
1)You know, I really don't like your boyfriend at all... but I don't want you to get mad at me.

2)Why aren't you dating that boy? I know you don't like him at all, but I really think that you should date him.
Example 1: When Dani brought home her boyfriend who went by the name "T-Jizzle", all her mother could say was "He's a nice boy..."

Example 2: After Richie, the president of the chess club and algebra team, asked Dani for a date and she declined, all her mother could say was, "Oh Dani. He's such a nice boy!"
by Erica June 17, 2004
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