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Extremely unbelievably filthy vagina that stinks so bad it would make a buzzard vomit.

Good to take to picnics because it keeps the flies off the food.
Let's take that nasty snatch to our picnic. It will keep the flies off the food.
by doo-dah July 04, 2003
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Often used when someone doesn't wash their "sensitive" areas down below. The thing that was once a precious 'flower' has now turned into a nasty Snatch. For women who use their nasty snatches in unforgivable amounts of promiscuous sexual acts with multiple partners. Often contaminated with Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV.
Edwin: Matt, bro If I were you, I wouldn't try hitting that Nasty Snatch Sami Jo. That's girls Vagina is like a Freight Train. It's been through everything and Everyone without no sign of stopping.
by xsomeonewhoknowsthetruth April 08, 2010
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the most disguisting of all pussies concieved by god
nastiest cooter ever
while walking down broadway i saw this woman,probably over 400 friend asked me, that must be some pretty nasty snatch huh?
by PJ April 28, 2003
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the nastiest of all pussy ever conceived of by god
grubby cooter
disgusting fuck hole
"hey jimmy, get a load of jen over there"
"no man ur sick"
"hey tom!why dontcha go out with nasty snatch heh?nasty snatch!"
by PJ April 28, 2003
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The cute chick who has sex with everyone but you and yet still plays you like a fool. Watch out for her perky demeanor with other guys and ex boyfriends. Has a tainted vagina from all the slut she keeps bottled up for everyone but only puts for a select few.
friend:hey, hows it goin with that girl.
me: imma hang out with her tonight.
friend: is that before or after she gets out from under another guy?
me: your right, that girl is a nasty snatch
lexi keyes skank slut whore flapper clapper
by Germany & Italy March 05, 2010
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