Asian of vietnamese background. Nammer girls can be found wearing TNA tracksuits and shopping at aritzia spending their rich nammer boyfriends money. Usualy have medium length layered blonde hair and blue contacts. Most don't reach over 5 feet tall and look the same from behind. Nammer guys are usually slightly taller than their girlfriends and have died blonde bangs and wear size 28 pants. They shop at Boys'co and always pay cash, and are usually not half as good looking as their girlfriends. They drive import cars and live in average houses with grow ops in the basement. They report their income through Pho restuarants and hair salons. Nammers often starts fights with ratios of 5-10: 1. Do not mess with them or you will get chopped. This, of course, is only young nammers. There are no old nammers because they usually all kill each other off by then.
Fucken nammers chopped that other nammers cousins mom's bf, because he looked at him!
by bunnie April 13, 2005
A person of Vietanmese ethnicity. You can usually find them standing near the front of many rave parties popping ecstasy with their kids, grandkids, gradparents etc. They love to rock the Versace crystal studded belt with track pants and dress shoes. For the more fashionable ones, the girls rock the short booty skirts with hooker heals and a a slutty top to show off their brand new implants their shady boyfriends paid for. Boys beware the girls come with golden shovels! The boys...hmmm I know, they like to rock the kappa track suits or black jeans (pants) usually with a translucent/transparent Versace/Mochino top to show off their "huge" physique and dark nipples. When you see them in the crowd pretend they don't exist and lord forbid if you even bumped into one because you might as well dig yourself a grave. Don't even smile at them, they don't understand or know how to read body language or facial expressions. Basically, any type of facial expression or body language towards this ethnicity is considered negative and it will get you shot or sh!t kicked.
I am a nammer and I love to wear Versace even if it's the ugliest item on the rack.
by Nammers_forbidden September 6, 2006
Nammers vietnamese people.That eat pho.
Speak vietnamese.Believe in Buddha.Wear expensive clothing.Have dyed hair.Gurls have layerd hair. Nammer gurls are short.Alot of nammer gurls have nice clothing and nice shoes and nice bags.Nammer guys carry a machette around with them.Nammer guys are found at internet cafes either : playing cs,smoking dope,talking on there nice cellphones,or doing there nammer squat.
dayummm look at that white boy get his white ass chopped by a nammer

Nammer own u mutha fcukers.
by TonyPham&&Kim****** April 24, 2005
A word usually used to describe a sub 5 ft, skinny, poor grammered, self dyed blond tipped haired, grow op'ing, ill mannered, white beater wearing, street level drug dealing, dirty look giving, fight picking (only in 5:1 ratio with machettes)sandal wearing vietnamese males. Other generalizations include squating, paying for everything in cash and walking around at raves high on their parent funded ecstasy with their shirts off exposing their ba-jillion tatoos. Oh yeah, and half those 16 yr old idiots drivng around like jerks in 80K cars are Nams.

"Nammer" can also be used to describe nammer women by use of the female word after the nammer word eg "nammer chick" or " Nam b**ch". Nammer females have blonde hair, blue contacts, and eye browns shaved off and re-pencilled in. They generally buy anything Pho-sache, Gucci, or Bebe. Other standard clothing of Lulu lemon and Aritzia apply. All these materialistic things , of course are funded by drug dealing boyfriends and home grow op funds. As the only two things that matter to Nammer chicks are attention and money; you will see some nammer chicks cross over and date rich white boys or East Indian thugs. ALL nammer chicks have done the following:

1) Worked at a Pho resturant
2) Dated a customer from a Pho resturant
3) Have gone to a beauty Salon school
4) Have aspirations to one day own her very own Hair and Beauty Salon
5) Claimed to be a model
6) Squated at a rave
7) Asked a complete stranger for a sip of their water at a rave.
7b) Asked a complete stranger for a cap of ecstasy
7c) Have made out with her best friends boyfriend at a rave for a cap of ecstasy
8) Claimed to be half Chinese
8b) Claimed to be Chinese born in Vietnam
8c) Claimed to be half Chinese half French and half Vietnamese (The last time I checked 50% + 50% + 50% = 150%??!?)
9) Claim that they are not like the rest of the nammer chicks because she's from South Vietnam (a.k.a. southern nammer)
10) Slept with a sub 5 foot man strictly because of his car.

With this said, the word nammer has evolved into something more. Today nammer can be used as a verb. See examples below:
He was driving erratically and showed blatant disregard for driving regulations.
"He was driving like a Nammer"

While walking on the street he stepped on some dog Sh*t.
"While walking on the street he nammed himself"

He was just my kinda guy.
" He was a Nam's Nam "
by A-hooo September 13, 2006
This word is a noun. It is used to characterise a person with roots of Southern Vietnam. May speak the Vietnamese language, and look Asian.
"May thui nhu cuoc cuc vay, ddi tam ddi."
by Henryjulie January 11, 2005
usually very cocky and tend to buy 'expensive' and probably fake things to make them feel better about themselves since most of them are insecure and need material things to make them feel good. some of them think they hardcore just because of the fact that they are "NAMMER" who have no sense of style, wear all black/ all white and most of them try too hard. they need weapons like machettes because they know they can't fight with their own hands. they need their 'back up' because they can't fight alone and are scared of the consequences. materialistic, insecure, cocky, weak sorry to say, but you all know its true.
"best race of all asians, other asians tend to copy their style" OH PLEASE. whoever said that.. you wish.
by notnammerandproud March 9, 2005