person1 : who is the best?

7b: 7b.
by 7bmama April 21, 2022
created during an epic game of halo!
7 being an epic number and B meaning plan B ie. if plan A fails!
Its time for 7B!
by Fred McC June 3, 2010
Best class in the world.(Better than 7a) If you are in 7B you are automatically having a good life.
You are poor but i'm 7B
by SchmokalakaThanosIsKaka November 10, 2019
A hell lot better then class 7a cause they suck at everything except being really bad at everything.
7b Bällstabergskolan is allot better then 7a.
by Elisat2006 April 20, 2020
1)used to refer to any place whose inhabitants are far too preoccupied with drinking, politics and literature and have allowed their living space to sink into a condition of extreme filth and squalor
2) room with a poorly patched hole in the wall.
1)you idiots should do the dishes and stop drinking rhinegold and yelling about John Kerry, otherwise this place will turn into a C2-7B
2)I wouldn't lean on that wall if I were you; this place is a C2-7B
by Milo July 26, 2004
One of the first exoplanets discovered and also a hot jupiter class exoplanet.
I think i just saw Kepler-7b.
by MysteryoReal July 17, 2022