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An amazing person, really nice and unique. Is artsy, edgy an outlaw, doesn’t care about society. But most importantly is always there for you. He may seem like he doesn’t care, but really he cares. And he may be kind of short.Don’t confuse it for Nael, nael is a caramel skinned and has a big dick.
~Eleanor lee yang from Buzzfeed
That person is so nice he might be a Naël.
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by MIDJ May 13, 2018
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A caramel skin colored long dick having ass sexy ass nigga
Daammm he a nael
by Deez. Nuts November 07, 2016
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An individual who will never have the female he desires, and will soend a large proportion of his alone and going through his sad nigga hours.
-“Lol look at that lame nael looking ass kid”
-“dam that guy has been singlle for 30 years, he a straight nael”
-“wow he cant get girls for shit, hes a nael since he was born “
by LilLotüs May 18, 2018
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