Noun: A question( proposing someone to send nude pictures) that is usually asked to seem "un-serious" or "sarcastic" to see if the person will in fact send nude pictures.
If answered with a yes, the proposer will then ask to see them.
If answered with a no, the proposer will then act as if they weren't being literal and quickly change the subject to avoid embarrassment.
Text message conversation:
Guy: "Sup girl?"
Girl: "Not much, just uploading some pictures."
Guy: "n00dz? ;"
Girl: "What am I, 14? I don't do that."
Guy: "Haha I know, I was kidding... anyway, how are you?"
by Hansonpaulsey October 13, 2009
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otherwise known as nudes, or nude pictures, usally of girls
dude, i need to beat off, send me some n00dz
by drew September 23, 2004
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Generally, a single or set of pictures containing an ass, tit, or vadge shot of a female. The lesser known "male n00dz" are less sought after, and hold less value when willing to trade.
"I can't believe you don't want sickm8's n00dz! What are you? Gay?!" or "Haha, you're such an Albanian franc, show us some of sickm8's n00dz!"
by soul seek August 27, 2007
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common currency of many elitist online communities.
n00b: "how do i get accepted to LSP??"

1337 d00d: "send teh n00dz!"

1337 d00d 1: "d00der, im on lsp, moc, mrh, fcx, e4m, AND fua now."

1337 d00d 2: "whoa man!!1! i bet you got so many n00dz!"

1337 d00d 1: "fo sho nigga! w00t!!"
by mykill January 9, 2004
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If we had Saddam Hussein's n00dz, there wouldn't have been a war.
by W January 19, 2004
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A word used to describe all pictures and not just pictures of naked women as was previously the case.
T virus promised us n00dz of a girl in his class, but that canadian homo never came through!
by Gmail June 22, 2004
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(n) when you send out sexual explicit pictures of yourself in your underwear preferably skin tone color or if you receive these types of pictures.
Example 1:
Roy: "send me me those underwear n00dz bbygirl(;"
Roxanne: "hold up I have to strip into my underwear o;"
-Roxanne send Roy picture of herself in her underwear

Example 2:
Kyle to Dave: "did you see Amy's underwear nudes ?"
Dave: "yeah with the leopard-print bra and skin tone underwear"
Kyle: "she sends them to everyone, she's such an underwear slut"
by G.A.S & P.M.S. September 29, 2011
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