quackity's cough is like an ipad kid's laugh
quackity coughs like an i pad kid
by xiria pog April 16, 2021
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Admit it, you only searched this to sabotage somebody with a "I fuck kids" mug
Get an I fuck kids mug for your boss lawrence
by fuck off nosy ass prick April 16, 2021
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come to Daddy give me a kiss
aaahh i love kid's
put my ding dong in your ass
no pls Daddy stop it's too big

your a bad kid now i will do it dry
by kid_lover_69 April 24, 2023
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I eat kids just a man or woman esting kids
Man or woman who literally eats kid. i eat kids

by King-nutt April 28, 2019
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It is a somewhat old fashioned way of saying "just kidding." It sounds more Shakespearean than "jk d00000d."
Person A: Bitch, I'll kick your ass!
Person B: *Gasp* You have such a sailor mouth!
Person A: What the motherf**k??
Person B: Har har, I kid, you old sea dog!
Person A: Har har har har!
by Ben L. January 9, 2006
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this incredible anecdote is indeed bona fide; I vouch for the veracity of this statement

A common utterance among guys who wear wifebeaters (GWWW)

synonym: I swear to God.
So then she just stuck the whole thing in her mouth. I kid you not.
by mandingoe September 30, 2004
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