abbreviation for 'no comment'
Question: How was the party last night?
Reply: n/c
by RCXMAN April 18, 2004
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The most taboo of all curse-word combination's, therefore most offensive.
by fdsaasdfasd November 18, 2010
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A combo of bad words turned in to 1 frankenstien bad word the word is fuckin nigger cunt then it was made in to mother fuckin nigger cunt then turned in to mother fuckin nigger cunt nazi then finally turned in to mother fuckin nigger cunt nazi unicorn. Michal Showalter &Michal Ian Black made the word on there show Michal & Michal have issues
Your a mother fucking nigger cunt nazi unicorn. F-N-C Word
by jjazz0329 July 16, 2009
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Similar to pog and poggers, T H I N C E

is a twitch related term, however it's purpose differs as it's meant to confuse the streamer


by KentuckyFriedHumans December 7, 2020
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A big boi. Very large and intimidating. Usually refers to a choncky floofer but can apply to any chonky boi with a masive aura of chonk. The next level up from chunky.
Kai: "Look at that boi. He C H O N C K Y"
Meg: "Oof! Big chonk. What a massive boi."
Kai: "Almost too chonky to pat"
Meg: "watch me"
by Dom Fra Memes November 26, 2018
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For the person who knows nothing about computers except basic tasks like turning it on and off and reading their email. Are you having a P I C N I C?
by Parker394 June 6, 2007
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