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Ape braining is the act of making yourself look dumber than you actually are for comedic effect, this could be done by misspelling words, making intentional grammar errors, or just making very stupid statements.
Yo, why did you say all that stupid stuff, brian?

Ah, I was just Ape braining
by KentuckyFriedHumans July 1, 2020
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A term for Roblox players who try to dress themselves up looking cool using multiple Catalog accessories and body parts, a common salad head will have a combination of the "Frost Guard General" "Robloxian 2.0" and the "Skeleton" package, as for accessories they usually wear the "Holiday crown" "Paper hat" "Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People"
for clothes they usually have some plaid design on their shirts and ripped jeans, sometimes they wear supreme merch as well, in terms of music they like trash rap songs, Gucci gang and stuff like that
Yeah, that salad head tried to flex on me with his ugly clothes, like honestly, why would you try to be cool on Roblox?
by KentuckyFriedHumans January 3, 2020
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A slaughter cake is the feeling you get when you mow down a bunch of npcs in a video game in a short amount of time
Yo brian, what happened to those pedestrians?

I had a slaughter cake
by KentuckyFriedHumans April 28, 2020
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An Astrocle is the uncomfortable feeling you get when one of your testicles slides up from your scrotum into your pelvic skin, it being named astrocle is a mix of the words "astronaut" and "testicle"
Damn dude, I just had an astrocle, that really hurt
by KentuckyFriedHumans January 4, 2020
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A move that women can do to shutdown men they aren't attracted to
Hey, you get her number?

nah, she pulled a lesbian card
by KentuckyFriedHumans June 19, 2023
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