When someone asks for the duck that you have for a pet, you say: “My duck.”
“Hey can i have that cute duckling?”
My duck!”
by Grim_001 June 13, 2020
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Something that is clearly not your responsibility that someone is trying to dump on you
"Hey bro can you go do my laundry while I'm out?" "Not my duck, man sorry."
by Mr. Cool guy July 19, 2019
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An expression of sorrow and/or concern for one's pet duck, who has recently come across some great misfortune.
Veterinarian: I'm sorry, Jack, but it looks like your duck won't make it through the night.
Jack: oh my duck.
Veterinarian: Yes, and we have strapped his bill closed to stop his wailing so as to reduce the complaints from the neighbors.
Jack: oh my duck.
by sereklsj April 20, 2021
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She was fine as f-ck, I wanted to sex her up/She said let's hit the/parking lot, so I can sick your duck.
Outkast, "Da Art of Storytellin' (Part 1)"
by BucNasty May 23, 2004
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a common saying for people who want to say suck my dick but is too polite to say it.
by King Anonymousse October 2, 2019
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what new phones auto-correct to before you can turn auto-correct off.
Guy : Hey you wanna come over and suck my duck later baby? ;)
Girl : Um, what?
Guy : Suck my dick** sorry new phone :/
Girl : Still no.... :/
by idiot_guy November 9, 2015
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