1. Floating pool or bath toy
2. In amateur radio, a rubber coil antenna usually found on handheld radios and portable rigs
3. In military training, a fake rifle used for movement drills and ceremony
1. She took the rubber duck and made it squeak by squeezing it.
2. I threw away the shitty rubber duck on my handheld radio and bought a whip antenna.
3. Put all the rubber ducks in the back of the truck and bring it over to the field.
by bleb October 20, 2005
There was a rubber duck but it did not look like it would be reliable in an emergency.
by The Return of Light Joker June 27, 2011
In the movie "Convoy" mention is made of a rubber duck. With truckers it means they are being followed by the law.
by gclarkewill September 7, 2009
What have you been doing?

Instant messaging speak. Optionally with a question mark.
From wbd: wuh buh duh -> rubber duck
<Chris> rubber duck?
<Tim> Not much, you?
by Martin Wilson August 5, 2006
To describe your problems to a rubber-duck or other inanimate object. Common in software development, the act of describing your problem (as to a mailing list, friend, or a rubber duck on top of your monitor) often leads to finding the solution just a few moments later. In the mailing list case, rubber ducking would then be to mail the list again saying "Ok, that was dumb, but now I'm stuck on the part where...", then to discover THAT solution immediately after hitting SEND. Repeat, ad lib, fade.
"Sorry to spam the list -- I'm just rubber ducking, this morning. Problem solved. Nothing to see here, move along..."
by Chumette May 6, 2010
Masturbation at its best. Men with their meat. Ladies with their beans. No one ever makes it to breakfast, though they're always scrambling their own eggs.
"Thanks for taking me out for pudding at your grandfathers retirement home, but I really must go home so i can rubber duck and tend to my studies before bed."

If I was ever faced with a situation like the world was about to implode, I'd try to rubber duck before it did.
by BoxOfPies January 12, 2010
fucked. severely. see also fubar
I wrote my car off, i hit another car and totally rubber ducked it!
by James Farley October 25, 2007