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Anything that is cool, hip, hot, fresh, fly, exciting etc.
Those classic kicks (sneakers) are pauly.
Eh Vinnie, this pasta is friggin pauly.
by Chase&Crash March 06, 2007
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"Are you telling Pauly's?"
A term used to ask if someone is telling lies.
Synonyms: lies, porky's
Are you telling Pauly's?
by Amlexius December 12, 2018
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One of the most sincere Italians that you'll meet. Very witty, outgoing and Corky.

A Pauly is a genuine person that you should most likely always trust. A Pauly tends to hang out with African Americans more because a Pauly is the only White guy that can dance and fit in.
"Ay, who are those ladies gathered around?"
"Shit, it's just a Pauly doin' his thang"
by paulyfr3sh March 01, 2019
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A slang term for the brandy or wine, Paul Masson.
Man 1: Whats good? What you drinking on? Henny?
Man 2: Naw man, this is just a lil' Pauly!!!
by boo&brasen June 09, 2010
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