a young male of either southern european or middle eastern descent living in the west/north suburbs of melbourne who is culturally challenged and usually has a strange obsession with any type of motor vehicles. they don't find anything remotely intelligent interesting and are usually confused people searching for an identity or their place in the world which they realise is a lot more complex once they get into their mid/late 20's.

They have a strange belief that everyone who listens to any type of rock/alternative music is a devil worshipper and usually just classify them as 'emo'. Also any male's who have an individual style or are fashion forward/trendy they see as homosexual.This despite the fact they use more hair product and straighteners than the girls they pursue in the cheesy nightclubs they attend every week.

they tend to either drop out of school early, get a job in the trades or attend tafe/secondary education. This results in their inability to speak and write grammatically and difficulties in expressing themselves correctly.The term can also be explained as an Australian version of American Guido's or English Chavs.
muzza 1: ay bro wat u doin?
muzza 2: nuffin much lan, jst gnna pik up some cloudz frm hp thn gonna meet up with da cuzins 2 fix ma car. goin CQ on tha wekend shuld be fuly sickkk braaa!
by mu1878 November 29, 2010
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See mutelabs for further information, and a picture of what an actual muzza looks like.
"Yo that nigga mutelabs defines the word muzza fo' sho bro."
by Nicholas February 06, 2005
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"Don't take off muzza's shoes, or stand in a five metre radius should said shoe removal take place. Muzza's often think they are sexalicous.
Muzza = Smelly Shoes, Ugly Face and a Massive Ego.
by frankie jaklolololol August 18, 2008
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to do a very low act on someone .
a black dog.
the smell of dogshit.
someone who likes to cook damper in dog shit.
that damper smells like dog shit so it must belong to muzza
by merks1son August 16, 2016
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A Muzza is a insulting term, mostly used in the north west of England, against someone who is either a Muslim or from the Middle East.
Shut up you fucking Muzza !
by Worsley February 01, 2016
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