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Gym Bro-
A person usually a male who spends most of there time in the holy temple of gains (AKA the gym) a gym bro is the alpha male where ever he goes, he fucks ye hottest girls and is usually cocky, you can find gym bros in any gym (EXSEPT PLANET FITNESS ITS NOT A REAL FUCKING GYM)

In a gym bros life he must make at least one trip to California as this is where gym bros originated. Almost all gym bros communicate via the word “Bro”
Omg girl look at all those gym bros they so turn me on
by SEALZROCK May 23, 2018
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gymbros tend to overcriticize their bodies. They also tend to be more fit than anyone.
"Tell that gymbro he's fat so he'll get insecure and work out more.."
by suzy person August 21, 2014
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The typical gym guy who spends most of his time in the gym fails to follow gym etiquette or is prone to bad gym habits. He is the charater-foil of a gym rat/pro, well-known for spending a lot of time in the gym but he does it efficiently.
"Triston is a gym bro; he trains his chest for 4 hours very day of the week."

"John skips leg day and never does cardio; he is a gym bro."

"Austin doesn't give anyone a chance to use the weights; he is such a gym bro."
by Suzan Deeley May 09, 2018
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A 'gym bro' is someone in a group who goes to the gym. The group of gym bros however don't do any proper weight training, lack form, and ego lift. They alternatively do a few curls in the corner, then leave and act like an Alpha
Kyle 1: "Bro are you coming to the gym to get a phat pump on these biceps"

Kyle 2: "Yeah bro no legs though LMAOOOOO"

Kyle 3: "Omg Kyle you're such a gym bro"
by Nxjeb63859 November 14, 2018
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