John: LoL
Dame: I was like ' ya muva'
John: I bet he was angry
Dame: Ya muva...hahaha
John: WTF???
by excalibur_zx January 15, 2006
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Swear to my mother. Used the same way as deadass or word too
I'll fight you if you pull some shit on me again, on muvas
by BabyBans November 11, 2017
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A term originating in the DMV area. Used to strongly emphasize the truth in what you, or another person has said. Also expressed in agreement to prior statement.
Example 1:

“On muvas the Green Line gets delayed every evening moe!”

Example 2:

DaeDae: “Moe Dejah ass looking jhi fat in them jeans today.”

Carlos: “On muvas!”
by Hyattsville’sFinest January 9, 2022
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british pronounciation of "mother bitch", commonly used in the TV series "mighty boosh" meaninng a person who is extrimely cool, everyone is thier bitch.
"howard was improvsing like a muva bitch!"

"tahlia is the muvva bitch"
by T-Dizzle from KMC April 18, 2009
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A BBW with a nice "Fatty" curvey colorful cutie with a good sense of humor and a poppin personality. Loves unicorns. Get you a muva fatty
Girl: yo fatty ! You a sexy unicorn

Girl: Damn fatty, can I get some of that fatty
Muva Fatty : A BBW Unicorn
by Fatfat0204 March 13, 2017
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It is another way to say word to my mother, Which is a way of saying you would put it on your mother's life.
Yo Jake I swear I'm not lying "wurda my muva" I actually bagged her.
by _Dj_IXCLAZZ November 3, 2023
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