Dejah is one of the sweetest girl you will ever meet when you need her she will be there
by shonkeria May 1, 2018
A bomb, funny, and gorgeous woman who’s all about good vibes; you can follow on IG/twitter at @dainktellectual
“Do you follow that girl Dejah on Twitter?” “OMG yes I love her! She’s so cool
by daINKtellectual July 20, 2020
Dejah is a beautiful, intelligent, creative, courageous, God fearing, loving, and loyal woman. If you are blessed to be loved by Dejah you should never take her for granted. She is a Proverbs 31 woman. If a man finds her, he's found a good thing. He should love her like Christ loves the church. Love her like 1 Corinthians 13 and she will give you her heart.
Dejah is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.
by Fresh1979 March 18, 2019
Proper Noun: A name. The best name for an Aquarius. Deja-vu signifies the feeling that you have done/been/seen something before, but you can't quite remember. Dejah as a name is definitely someone you won't forget. If applied to an Aquarius, who are natural peacemakers of the zodiac, everyone that encounters Dejah takes away something memorable, even if after time they can't quite remember the specifics. A high percentage of the time the experience is of a positive nature.

If the name Dejah is applied to any other sign, it makes that sign slightly more peaceful. It also makes the sign intensely more memorable, magical, thinks outside the box, charming, and intuitive.

A person named Dejah is highly innovative, never pleased with routine. This applies to all aspects of live, including the bedroom! Love and intelligence are equally important, and a Dejah will not have one without the other in a relationship.

A Dejah is not entirely concerned with looks, they do take very good care of themselves, but keeping up with fashion and hairstyles and such are not that important.
The name Dejah is the epitome of the word will remember the encounter, but you won't remember exactly how or why.....
by SakuraHana February 3, 2010
I lovely young woman who us worth more than people are aware of
A girl named Dejah is a rare gem.
by Lovely_capricorn May 13, 2022
A beautiful girl who struggles with school but will become some kind of famous in the future. Gets the all boys attention and is super kind and funny but can also sometimes be a dumb bitch.
Friend1: She made me laugh so hard in math but she failed the quiz

Friend2: That’s so Dejah, did u see the way Trey was looking at her!
by Famous kid June 29, 2020
A girl that real kind and gives her virginity to the man she'll be with no matter what they go through
( usually haves sex before 4 month in relationship )
If Dejah lets u take her virginity she's yours forever
by Mixedberry47 August 5, 2018