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The act of a never taking an L ... But a Delayed W
Person 1: "Bro how'd you do on the exam?"
Person 2: "Idk man, but it's a long semester, we out here with the Delayed W's"
by BabyBans May 17, 2018
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Swear to my mother. Used the same way as deadass or word too
I'll fight you if you pull some shit on me again, on muvas
by BabyBans November 11, 2017
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Beginning to a promise or swear worthy statement.
"Word to my mother man, I would never let someone touch my family. I'm protecting them 'till the day I die."
by BabyBans May 17, 2018
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The act of or already leaving a function.

Outtie , Peacin
Level above dipset

Dipping so hard that the dip, set from the dipset
"Bro the cops are here we gotta go!" - Person A
"Where's John at?" - Person B
"He already hit the set!!!" - Person A
by BabyBans November 8, 2018
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