muvva is the slang term for mother. It looks better than mutha. It's the perfect substitute for mother in any context.
ya muvvafooking retard!

ya muvva is fat.
by baluba November 20, 2005
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welsh derogatory term for a persons mother meant as an insult which usually follows a question.
1st man: wosapnin bruv

2nd man: your muvva, thats wosapnin innit bruv!
by southwalessniper November 24, 2009
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meaning: your own mother
origin: north-eastern england
"see that old lady with the beard and the prolapsed vagina - that's your hwaan muvva"

"hwaan muvva'd be turning in her grave"

see also the music of UK hip-hop act Stonasaurus, who popularised the term on their debut album.
by John Riley August 19, 2004
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Only way to say "motherfucker" after getting bit in the genitals.
Dog attacks Scott and bites his balls.
Scott shouts at dog's owner, "muvva fucka!"
by uncrules123 July 21, 2006
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The hideous, vile creature that gave birth to you.
Jim Bob: "Ur muvva's got a penis."
Fred Bob: "I KNOW!!!"
by strange nerd August 06, 2008
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A sub-concious grumbled statement made by mullered individuals after a rude awakening from their shit faced slumber..By anyone! The most versatile retort one can use.
Wreck ed 1. Dude we're getting kicked out, get up lets go!

Wreck ed 2. mutters; "ya muvva".
by The juganaught bitch. April 11, 2006
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How a Chav would say "your mum"
Person 1 "What did you do last night dearest steven?"
Person 2 "Well, I started off with cleaning the kitchen then I did ew muvva"
by chav slit 69 August 29, 2019
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