Pressing ones penis on the forehead of an unfortunate individual.
Greg fell asleep and was mushroom stamped.
by n/a March 31, 2005
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when a male slaps his penis off the forehead of another individual, leaving a mushroom-shaped mark.
Jen was steppin out of line, so i gave her a mushroom stamp.
by Andrew O. Ben S. TC M. October 7, 2005
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The act of pressing the head of ones penis into another persons forehead or other facial area.
As soon as Ben passed out, Jer proceeded to mushroom stamp him to no avail.
by Snapdragon August 8, 2003
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slapping a penis on top of someones forehead or on a car window
we gotta get out of here i just mushroom stamped that cops car

that guy parked so close to me i mushroom stamped his window
by ass master January 19, 2003
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To slap a female in the forehead with intent to leave a mark with your cock
by Lady Tiger January 7, 2003
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Verb: An act occurring after anal intercourse, where the man removes his "Mushroom"-headed warrior from his female participant's rectum or balloon knot, and proceeds to take his poo-stained man-pole, and slaps his partner in the face or forehead (whatever preferred), leaving a mark (or stamp) in the shape of the tip of the distributor's dong (mushroom-esque);
When I was finished penetrating her poop shoot, I used her rectal leftovers to give her a Mushrrom Stamp
by Tony Cooper September 1, 2004
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