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slapping a penis on top of someones forehead or on a car window
we gotta get out of here i just mushroom stamped that cops car

that guy parked so close to me i mushroom stamped his window
by ass master January 18, 2003
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To slap someone with your penis in the face leaving a mushroom shaped red mark on the victims face.
That girl was so drunk when I gave her a mushroomstamp it knocked her out cold!
by M Sul May 12, 2003
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Verb: An act occurring after anal intercourse, where the man removes his "Mushroom"-headed warrior from his female participant's rectum or balloon knot, and proceeds to take his poo-stained man-pole, and slaps his partner in the face or forehead (whatever preferred), leaving a mark (or stamp) in the shape of the tip of the distributor's dong (mushroom-esque);
When I was finished penetrating her poop shoot, I used her rectal leftovers to give her a Mushrrom Stamp
by Tony Cooper August 31, 2004
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To leave an impression of ones penis on another persons skin(Face preferably). 2. To Dick slap.(really hard)
The hoe was back talkin so i mushroom stamped her across the forehead
by don weezy July 12, 2006
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