The act of picking a murf and having some crap get stuck on your underwear.
Bill got a Murphy Brown after picking his murf since he doesn't wipe his ass properly.
by rj88 October 24, 2011
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When you are performing oral sex on a woman and she sharts on your chin and mouth. Diarrhea farts are the most common form of Murphy Browns. Sometimes leaving a shit beard
I was going down on my girl the other night when she lost control of her bowels and Murphy Browned on my face. I looked like shitty Abe Lincoln
by TheSpaniard March 08, 2010
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You will need a mini-fridge next to your bed, the lights out, and someone you don't like. Latex glove is optional. Under cover of darkness slip the glove on and suggest doggy style to this person. Use some lube or your finger to get it wet an loose. Then reach into the fridge and pull out frozen log of feces and rapidly insert into preferred orafice. Then simply get up and walk away. She or he will never want to have sex with you again.
Melissa came over again last night and wouldn't leave me alone. So I invited her upstairs and gave her a murphy brown
by jango threat June 18, 2009
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a woman (usually older) that is generally unattractive but nonetheless makes you horny
"check out condi rice giving bush a BJ. she's a murphy brown"
by Phil January 24, 2005
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