(1)v. To move at an excessive speed. (2)v. to exit or leave, especially very quickly. (3)v. to thoroughly beat the hell out of somebody.(also: murking, get murked, murking out.
1."Yo, we were murking at like a buck-fifty on the highway.
2."We saw the cops coming so we murked."
3."This kid got murked by like 4 different people on New Years.
by Markotix January 31, 2005
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a common misspelling for merc. Short for mercenary. To hurt, murder, destroy, whoop-ass, etc.
On a spelling test, if you spelled merc, "Murk." You'd be flat out wrong, dumbass.
by Jesus W. Christ January 27, 2012
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-To kill someone or physically beat someone badly.

-To run really fast
-"I'll still murk ya mans/-Styles P"

-"I caught murk on that kid who tried to keep up with me"
by NeezyHollaHtv January 12, 2005
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Misspelled. See merc, short for "mercenary." Merc means to leave or to kill.
"I killed that guy in the swamp."
"You mean you merced him in the murk?"
by inkdrinker April 22, 2005
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A word that was introduced in the high limit poker circles in the Chicagoland area by TheActionKid, JERRRY, Playa Plz, and a couple others. "Murkin Em" has become a coined phrase when something good happens or when someone wins a huge hand or pot against someone. To win at poker or sports betting or other form of gambling as well as to beat someone at something.
(After winning a $10,000 pot) I just murked him good!

(After winning a big sports bet) Nice win bro, murkin em!

Let's murk this game and call it a night.
by Action Andrew July 04, 2011
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The act of murder. Can also be used in other contexts such as, finishing something off. The word originated from a guy named Jarred in Ocala, FL, he was saying this before Lil' Wayne.
Guy 1: "Break yo self fool!
Guy 2: *Pulls out pistol* I will murk you bitch!"
Guy 1: "Yes sir." *Runs away*
by Indiscriminate August 03, 2010
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To sneek a quick look at another mans cock when he is asleep. Only a man can murk/merk another man. If the murkee wakes or knows of the murk/merk then it is not a murking. The average man is murked 32 times in his life time.
The act of murking is for the murker to achieve a secret sense of empowerment over the murkee. Used by many through history to gain psychological advantage over ones competitor.
It is well documented that David murked/merked Goliath before their epic battle, only to find that Goliath was not so goliath in all departments. This is the key factor in Davids victory.
Used in everyday life to discribe an act of disgracing someone.
(v) "step back and prepare to be murked"

by Chris Swinburn May 04, 2007
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