Multi-talented lyrical genious and lead singer of modern rock band, Incubus. Also known for his visual art work and good looks.
by Steph September 27, 2004
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The gorgeous and talented lead singer of the band Incubus. Has the most beautiful voice in rock music. Writes some of the best songs known to man.
Brandon Boyd is the one of the most amazing musicians on the planet.
by Random Jones August 27, 2005
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Born February 15, 1976 in the wonderful Van Nuys, California. Most famous from his well-known rock band Incubus, who has the RADDEST of ALL RAD band members. One of the most amazing singer-songwriters, writers (yes, he writes books too!), artists, and overall intelligent badass. Not only intelligent, but insanely funny and charismatic. His not-so-little little brother is the lead singer of a band called Audiovent, and he kicks a good amount of ass at vocals also.
Jazmyn: Duuuude i had the wettest of all wet dreams last night... guess who was in it?
Jazmyn: Yep... his voice makes me orgasm.
by Jessiella March 26, 2010
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