women, infants, and children. a government program for low-income preggers & they babies
where you got that infant formula?

i'm on wic!
by candybaby May 7, 2005
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A old term for parkway gardens in Chicago but later changed to o block rip odee parry
Did you know king Von, Chief Keef, Lil Reese etc was from da wic
by Frmdawic December 29, 2021
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World in Conflict
A RTT/RTS game by Massive Entertamient and Sierra for PC

AA game
Wow WIC was a great face paced action game
by bill123143432 December 3, 2007
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it's a slang term for white irish catholic
That new kid is school is such a wic!
by james November 28, 2003
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literally meaning wicked, a casual way of saying "good"

originates from the same "surfer" style of slang which reduces many frequently used words to single syllables, such as "za" for pizza.
yeah, i heard the new b-boys album at a bud's house last night, dunno if i'm gonna buy it myself, but it was pretty wic.
by Ugliness Man July 1, 2004
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an asshole who thinks their THE shit but their actually A shit.
by sugardaddy666 February 2, 2014
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Wicced – Derived by Wicca, It is a system of eclectic modern Hoodoo founded by Dr. Sarah Schultheiss based on the foundation of Hoodoo that uses Voodoo, Music and the arts, Wicca, Witchcraft, Magick and elements of many religious and philosophical schools of thought, the Arts and is universal and eclectic in nature with the structure built upon Knowledge, Enlightenment, Personal Growth, Prudence, Reason, Ambition, Vision and Ritual and is ever-evolving, Wicced is also created out of three types of witchcraft Hoodoo and one I created and developed, Musica and one that was created in the 1940s by Gerald Brosseau Gardner, Wicca, 4/2/2018, in which the name Wicced is derived from and is a denomination of Wicca.
Wicced –A person that has created volumes of work in their lifetime. A person who has made it a habit to overcome obstacles. Unstoppable, unyielding, never quitting, Wicced also sums up two mottos by Dr. Sarah Schultheiss, Rawk Hard or Die and Never Surrender, Never Die and Never Fade. “Unequalled, greatest, unparalleled, earned bragging rights, I’ve got the guns”

Wicced is also a sub-genre of Thrash/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Blues Rock created by Dr. Sarah that came after Hillbilly Grunge also created by Dr. Sarah.
Dr. Sarah writes at least one poem a day, that is how she became Wicced.
Dr. Sarah is Wicced, After blowing out her voice three times, coming back from a shoulder injury that threatened her career as a guitarist, Dr. Sarah is releasing a new album.
by Wicced Sarah October 6, 2019
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