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A term of endearment to express affection when cuddling and canoodling with that special someone.
Laying out and hanging out, a couple just look at each other and says “mung mung”… you smile and know it’s all gravy.
by mung mung May 07, 2007
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defined usually by those of low intellect to communicate with utter ignorance or has nothing worth saying; mating calls for sexual interactions
Guy says, "mung mung."
Girl asks, "what?"
Guy winks and takes off her underwear, and participates in sexual intercourse with the girl.
Girl smiles and growls, "mung mung."
by Pampers March 27, 2008
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Plural form of mung. The term used for a substance that cannot be defined, such as the crap that forms in the corners of one's mouth.
What is that shit on the floor? It looks like mung-mung.

I was going to kiss her, but she had mung on her mouth. So I threw up on her face.
by John Brandon April 11, 2004
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