A nigerian slang used to describe a person who acts daft
This guy why would you try to wash water with water??? You're a mumu
by BadMan on the track April 6, 2011
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A person who doesn't think before doing things.
he is such a mumu.
by GreenWhiteGreen August 25, 2009
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a dress people wear when they want to eat alot of food.
Hey, when we go to dinner, im gonna wear my mumu!
by jenniferdddddddddd March 14, 2010
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another word for pussy. it's very childish and that's why it's only used by men... when girls can't hear it
"i want mumu!"
"what's on your mind, dude?" - "mumu."
by Tef November 6, 2004
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Homer Simpson: I don't want to look like a weirdo, I'll just go with the mumu
by TornadoGordo July 17, 2017
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this is what the pookies on club penguin call their penguin moms
i want my mumu” said the pookie
by hellojaidyn May 12, 2019
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a mysterious creature that dwells within the South Wales area, a formidable force in eating and sleeps 95% of its life. They can munch 15 pounds of grapes in 30 minutes, and drink 45 gallons of petrol in an hour.


can dismember a fully grown man in one swipe

average height of 3.5 cm

weighs approx 95 pounds (fully grown)

average walking distance 8ft per day

bodily fluid approx 99% nuclear matter

reproduces via one of three penises and one vagina, both combatants become pregnated, after 9 human months each gives birth to between 2000-3000 offspring

live in traditionaly mounds of moss

diet consists of tinned peaches and sweat

can live for 36 years without food or water

main cause of death starvation, anal secretion (see below)

average life span 14 days

are completely blind, deaf and have no limbs

communicate via grunting, groping and winking

take part in urban scrumping

analy secrete acidic substance that can burn through anything including ones own bowells

mumu's existance is questionable as sources may be unreliable, although mumu's have been spotted many times in real life taking part in urban scrumping, and their corpses found dissolving in a pool of acidic sunstance.
ants: hey sam look in that pool of acid is it a mumu?
sam: yes it looks like it burnt through its own arse.
by mumuforce February 6, 2010
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