A.K.A Mother Duck
A really good friend who looks after you when you are too drunk to walk. They are the person that wipes the smeared make-up from your eyes, the vomit from your chin, finds you any form of water, carries you halfway across town, tells your parents that someone spiked your drink, feeds you bread to soak 'it' up, gives you their jacket even though its 10 degrees and you are wearing 4 jumpers already and tucks you in. The defining factor between a Mumma Duck and an awesome Mumma Duck is whether they do it all laughing or not.
"Sal, thanks for carrying me halfway across the footy fields Saturday night and thanks for feeding me your bread Joe. You two are the best Mumma Ducks ever. I'm never drinking again"
by Skinni October 31, 2005
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Mumma Lashy (Mamma beater)

A Jamaican children's game where one child plays the role of an angry mother or granny trying to catch and spank the other children whose role is to escape and avoid getting lashed.

(Offensive) refers to a woman/effeminate man that complains a lot, like a typical angry granny would.

Possible Origin- A women's name Lashy: A female that complains/argues a lot

Also Lash: A wip used to spank a person
Mumma Lashy a-coming and we're not running fast enough.

Babes, Lately, you've become a mumma Lashy. I swear yo!
by Tropical Rythms August 2, 2020
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The ultimate insult. The pinnacle of purely and utterly annihilating one's asshole in an argument, a pure roast and toast, the end all be all of a bickering.
guy 1: "I never wanna see you again!!!"
guy 2: "yo mumma"
guy 1: "when are you gonna stop saying that"
guy 2: "yo mumma"
by woopek March 25, 2019
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Mumma pound is when a mother of an only child becomes so obeise that she can no longer care for the child and has to give him/her away.
"looks like we have a case of the Mumma pound"
"Mumma pound gonna kick you in da' ass!"
by Anonymous November 5, 2003
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Gnurl who lives in Auckland, New Zealand... who likes a lot of cock on demand from random strangers.
Mumma Jack is getting trade
by Dashite July 9, 2003
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