A cute, more loving way of saying mom. Usually used my younger children, but can be used by all. Most common with Indian children (from asia/ not native american)
"Mumma!! im hungry!! :)"
by Sonia8778 May 11, 2008
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mumma is a 'patwa' word from the Caribbean maybe Guyana and it simply mean mother
go ask yuh mumma bout dat
by Rishi March 15, 2005
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the abilty for one to give oral pleasure to 2(or more) men by oscillating ones head back and forth between 2 penis's while simultaniously jerking off both men all while humming in a particularly despondent fashion
look at that, hes giving those dudes a mumma
by whothefuckcares85 February 6, 2010
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a Mumma is a girl/guy with a somewhat pig like face, including a distorted nose and slight wrinkles that resemble a bulldog. a Mumma is also notorious for her/his unnatural ability to PMS every other day, so their actions are very unpridictable.
hey look at that mumma what a ugly annoying piece of shit, i bet it is one of those mummas that teaches latin and has no life and deserves to die...lets go linch it.
by Tom&the Mayor March 15, 2006
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Mumma in most Indian Citites , particularly in North India, means " Breast of a Female or Boobs
Os Da mumma bada Wada He Meaning she has big boobs
by Sameul June 2, 2007
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God of all pleasures.

King of all positions.
Inducer of Mumma juice.
Mumma should be used with seducing powers.
by Mumma December 21, 2016
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A.K.A Mother Duck
A really good friend who looks after you when you are too drunk to walk. They are the person that wipes the smeared make-up from your eyes, the vomit from your chin, finds you any form of water, carries you halfway across town, tells your parents that someone spiked your drink, feeds you bread to soak 'it' up, gives you their jacket even though its 10 degrees and you are wearing 4 jumpers already and tucks you in. The defining factor between a Mumma Duck and an awesome Mumma Duck is whether they do it all laughing or not.
"Sal, thanks for carrying me halfway across the footy fields Saturday night and thanks for feeding me your bread Joe. You two are the best Mumma Ducks ever. I'm never drinking again"
by Skinni October 31, 2005
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