A cute, more loving way of saying mom. Usually used my younger children, but can be used by all. Most common with Indian children (from asia/ not native american)
"Mumma!! im hungry!! :)"
by Sonia8778 May 11, 2008
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mumma is a 'patwa' word from the Caribbean maybe Guyana and it simply mean mother
go ask yuh mumma bout dat
by Rishi March 15, 2005
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the abilty for one to give oral pleasure to 2(or more) men by oscillating ones head back and forth between 2 penis's while simultaniously jerking off both men all while humming in a particularly despondent fashion
look at that, hes giving those dudes a mumma
by whothefuckcares85 February 6, 2010
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a Mumma is a girl/guy with a somewhat pig like face, including a distorted nose and slight wrinkles that resemble a bulldog. a Mumma is also notorious for her/his unnatural ability to PMS every other day, so their actions are very unpridictable.
hey look at that mumma what a ugly annoying piece of shit, i bet it is one of those mummas that teaches latin and has no life and deserves to die...lets go linch it.
by Tom&the Mayor March 15, 2006
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Mumma in most Indian Citites , particularly in North India, means " Breast of a Female or Boobs
Os Da mumma bada Wada He Meaning she has big boobs
by Sameul June 2, 2007
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God of all pleasures.

King of all positions.
Inducer of Mumma juice.
Mumma should be used with seducing powers.
by Mumma December 21, 2016
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Mumma Lashy (Mamma beater)

A Jamaican children's game where one child plays the role of an angry mother or granny trying to catch and spank the other children whose role is to escape and avoid getting lashed.

(Offensive) refers to a woman/effeminate man that complains a lot, like a typical angry granny would.

Possible Origin- A women's name Lashy: A female that complains/argues a lot

Also Lash: A wip used to spank a person
Mumma Lashy a-coming and we're not running fast enough.

Babes, Lately, you've become a mumma Lashy. I swear yo!
by Tropical Rythms August 2, 2020
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