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The act of not being able to wait a short period prior to a meal without going to get something else to eat.
“Dinner will be in half an hour”
“I’m gonna head out and grab a burger and fries…maybe a shake
“What? You’re pulling a mullikin on me?”
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by Iben Wakenoff June 07, 2018
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The act of eating all food in a given area at one sitting, hardly without breathing or pausing.
What happened to all the food at the buffet?
Some guy came in a pulled a mullikin in no time flat.
Dang impressive! I notice the salad bar is still all there.
by Iben Wakenoff June 29, 2018
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A variable unit of measure that can be used for weight or girth. It is usually in the range of 600-800 pounds and the size of a small circus tent.
How big is a typical African elephant?
About 17 Mullikins in weight. It takes about 2 Mullikins in fabric to cover just one.
by Iben Wakenoff July 02, 2018
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