1. That barfalicious fat that hangs over the top of a person's pants when their jeans are a few sizes too small.

2. The most delicious and fattening part of a muffin that results in definition 1.
That girl ate so many muffin tops that she turned into one.
An example of you are what you eat.
by chronic-psychedelic March 08, 2009
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When your love handles burst out over the top of your tight pants, giving your lower back/butt the appearance of a muffin.
Man Look at Joanie over there with those skanky jeans on, she sure has a wild case of muffin top.
by Steff is my name you cow April 25, 2006
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A word used to describe one whos fat is desperately trying to escape the suffication from tight jeans resulting in the fat tumbeling over.
Shayna is such a fatass look at her muffin top!
by AaGeLiNa August 05, 2005
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when a fat person is wearing a way too small shirt and her fat hangs out of her shirt and over her belt.
"she has huge muffin tops."

by nick cash November 18, 2006
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Possibly one of the sexiest things a girl can show off. Scientists spent decades calculating the "perfect waist to hip ratio" forgetting to realize that showing off slight imperfections can be far sexier than aiming for perfection.
Damn, girl I can't stop looking at that sexy muffin top!
by crazy hank June 21, 2010
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Muffin-top: When someone's fat spills out of their tight, or too low cut for their figure pants and hangs over the sides like a muffin. This phenomema usually occurs in tandem with what is supposed to be a belly shirt, but becomes a reason for someone else to start a diet.
That muffin-top over there makes me wanna puke...I think I wanna go to the gym today.
by Big Biotch March 28, 2006
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