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An attractive, perhaps slightly trashy , unestablished, uneducated, usually young, sexually active woman with no children, who is down for a good time and does not have a bad attitude. A typical age for a mud cat is 20- 24. Mudcats are further characterized by somewhat poor/fair decision making abilities, typically low income, and a curiosity to explore sex and relationships with older men. often seen walking places . mud cat is not necessarily a derogatory word, but rather , it is used in an endearing way by the guy who picks her up in his truck while she was walking to the tastee freeze and ends up having casual sex with her several times. Mud cats can be a lot of fun.
"You should have seen this mud cat i picked up last week!"

"Tyler needs to straighten up...he's 30 and still banging mud cats."
by jimmycakes September 29, 2015
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(noun): when, in the act of anal sex, a man pulls his penis out of the womans anus and immediately inserts it into her vagina. thus; rendering the woman with a mud cat.
- "You can never really trust a girl until she'll let you give her a mud cat."

- Bill: "Why is Jimmy so upset?", Amy: "We can't have sex for a while because I developed a yeast infection after he gave me a mud cat."
by MISTEReE March 17, 2008
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Eating a girl out with a big fatty pinch of chewing tobacco in his/her lip. (preferably Cope Strait)
"I was with my woman the other night and threw in a fatty and gave her the wettest Mud-Cat; I didn't know whether to spit or swallow."
by Anthony Cilibrasi March 11, 2012
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A gal in Texas that is always around mud or mud parks and no matter what 9 times outta 10 she manages to bang the person with the nicest mud toys or biggest lift on there toys. Always moves from one to another by the occasion.
Me and my boys were and the pud park last weekend and we ran train on that ol Texas mud cat that was there.
by txcrazy April 21, 2016
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When you take a slim jim meat snack and stuff it into a penis and the other party noodles it out with their tongue.
Stacy was giving Brad a Mississippi mud cat in the back yard.
by Brisket01 August 5, 2018
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The act of smearing peanut butter on the underside of chosen victim's car door handle. Not to be confused with the Catawba Mud Scat.
"Ahhh shit! What the fuck?!" <---This is how someone reacts to becoming a victim of the Catawba Mud Cat.
by Don Turgenson April 12, 2008
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