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Group of suburban white goes who can actually do hip-hop, rap and rock and make it sound half way decent.

Also go by shortened name KMK
Limp Bizkit tried to do Rap and Rock and they sold out and turned into a shitty ass band.

Kottonmouth Kings can Rock a crowd and flow like a mother fucker and is a pretty good band
by SpunCrazyB July 08, 2003

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Extremelly funny cartoon that has extreme amounts of profanity but still makes a good points that can really make you think

"Why do you people keep fighting wars about pleasing god and going to heaven and instead make the earth more heaven like"

Not exact quote but line similar is in an episode that has a great message to Jews and Muslims in middle east to stop the damn fighting
South Park is sweeetttt
by SpunCrazyB July 08, 2003

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Very addicting FPS that can be fun for hours. Easy to learn how to play and hardly ever gets boring
Damn I've played Counter Strike for 6 hours straight and I'm still havin fun
by SpunCrazyB July 08, 2003

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MTV Reality show following the planning of an extremelly wealthy father's jailbait daughter turning 16.

Type of parents who buy their kids and their friends alcohol to be known as cool parents.

Preppy girls show off their wealth and power at their school by having exclusive party.

Also see slut bitch or jailbait for the type of girls show focuses on.
Hey that girl looks 21 but is actually only 15 and turning 16. If I tapped that ass I'd be going straight to jail.
by SpunCrazyB February 24, 2005

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Sister channel to MTV, some slogan like Where the Musics at. When first started was true but now is gradually turning into just like MTV playing shows instead of music videos
MTV2 Sucks just like MTV

Bring back The Box you MTV ASS HOLES
by SpunCrazyB November 01, 2003

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Occurs from over consumption of too much hard alcohol (monarch, 151, capt. Morgan etc…) Begin to black out and next thing you know your friend’s decent but desperate older sister is on your lap messing with your gear. Next thing you know your on bathroom floor, car, or couch having very loud sex.

Wonder of how the fuck this came to be sets in after word but realization that you nailed your friend’s sister and is very hilarious event. Friends’ telling of this event spreads like wildfire and you get a good 15 minutes of fame for your drunken no pants dance.

Because of your intoxication this event should be considered date rape.
"Dude, I nailed your sister. She is a freak in bed man." haha

She committed a date rape when she got me when I was drunk
by SpunCrazyB January 17, 2006

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