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1. See Mr. Bojangles for the reference to the great dancer Bill Robinson.

2. Again without the hypen, and to correct other definitions here, the song "Mr. Bojangles" was written by Jerry Jeff Walker, and covered most successfully by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1971. The song is not in reference to Bill Robinson, nor is it in reference New Orleans blues musician Babe Stovall.
According to Walker, a murder on the 4th July weekend of 1965 precipitated the arrest of all the street people in the area. In the crowded cell, a disheveled homeless old man began to talk to Walker who had been arrested earlier for drunkenness. The man told various stories of his life but the tone darkened after 'Mr. Bo-jangles' recalled his dog who'd been run over. Someone then asked for something to lighten the mood and the man obliged with a tap dance.

Walker mentions that all the men in the cell had nicknames to prevent easy identification by the police. The dancer's nickname was 'Mr. Bojangles.' In his autobiography 'Gypsy Songman,' Walker makes it clear the man he met was white. Further, in an interview with BBC Radio 4 in August 2008 he pointed out that, at the time, the jail cells in New Orleans were segregated along color lines.
by Dan Weyandt August 06, 2009
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The famous African-American dancer, Bill Robinson, who taught Shirley Temple how to tap dance and starred with her in many movies.

Eventhough this Spanish American War vet, was celebrated. He was often descriminated against due to the color of his skin. Many artist such as Bob Dylan and Sammy Davis Jr have paid tribute to him through their art.

Bojangles came to represent oppressed or discriminated people who have a special warm and caring relationship with the children of the oppressor.
Granpa would even bojangles with kids of the KKK.
by Blowfish July 23, 2005
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An African American in showbusiness who has no problem with reinforcing negative racial stereotypes to further their career and standing with the white man.

It means no disrespect to the actual Mr. Bojangles, but casts the image of a black man tapdancing to please his white masters in Hollywood.
If you're on the UPN, you're a Mr. Bojangles.
by Reverend Bignutz March 25, 2005
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Mr. Bojangles was a special mouse in the movie The Green Mile (Tom Hanks and other actors). Bojangles, the pet of a prisoner Delacroix, was able to do little tricks that greatly amused Delacroix. Unfortunately, this douchebag prison guard named Percy decided to step on and crush Mr. Bojangles... all was lost until John (crucial character in story) brings Mr. Bojangles back to life, and Mr. Bojangles lives for a crazy-ass long time.

Mr. Bojangles makes for a cute pet name.
Aww that is such a cute little mouse! I can't believe it does tricks and stuff? What's it called?

Mr. Bojangles... duh.
by MissCaliBrownie April 30, 2010
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A Jim Croce song. Mr Bojangles is a dancin' man.
Jim: I kne a man Bojangles, and he'd dance for you, in worn out shoes. Silver hair and ragged shirt, the old soft shoes... He jumped so high, then he'd lightly touch down.
by Jon March 25, 2005
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