Pronounced "K'ne". When you develop a lump on your arm next to your elbow and fear for the worst, but get reassured by your friends that it is bursitis, but you're just not that convinced, so you keep talking about it and your spouse tries to threaten you that you'll sleep outside if you dont stop talking about it, but has a full blown seizure and rants KNE.
I'm going to put him in the shed if he says that kne more fucking time!
by ifoundalump April 5, 2020
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1. just plain old "knew it"
2. luke and maggie's profession (well more like an obsession since we dont get paid)
we win! you lose :(
by snot me April 26, 2004
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Pronounced wee-knee job

To get the skin of a wenis and knenis and to rub it on a penis
Alice rubbed her wenis and Jan rubbed her knenis on my penis until I erupted on them both. It was a spectacular we-kne job
by ShrexyMf69 August 1, 2022
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