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A legend of the people. The Batman to Benitez's Joker.
"He's Moyes, he's Moyes, he's David David Moyes, he's got red hair, but we don't care, David David Moyes" - The Gwladys Street Choir
by Oldmangaz December 10, 2007
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Moye is of French origin.

Pronounce like boy, but with an "M".

A strong, intellectual with stunning features and the mental compacity of a genius. This man's gentleness is surpassed.
"Moye is so smart!"
by Morticia Blaze September 14, 2012
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moyes is a strange little man with no balls and teaches physics. his class hates him, ha ha ha!
by ???????????? September 12, 2003
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no how about "mr moyes shut the fuck up, NOW"
mr moyes fucked mr kendrick in the ass, and spewed his gentlemen juice in his eye
by D. Hine September 15, 2003
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I played against Sunderland in FIFA 17, their coach was such a Moyes
by Come on, why not? November 20, 2016
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