21 definitions by BOBBYROOSSSO

healthyemmy must trust issac butterfeild
by BOBBYROOSSSO October 27, 2019
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john loves taylor swift so much that he practices swiftoligy
by BOBBYROOSSSO September 5, 2020
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A group of annoying kids who steal shoes for the laughs
Luna All my shoes have gone missing most be the nargles
Nargles fucking hell
by BOBBYROOSSSO August 19, 2019
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spugizakom drovos nosnik
by BOBBYROOSSSO December 4, 2022
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a feeling that harry styles experiences when high on watermelon sugar
harry styles wants more berries, i think he's a junkie on watermelon sugar
by BOBBYROOSSSO September 28, 2020
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Yo Pierre you wanna come out here? ehhhhhh, ey ey In New York I Milly Rock, hide it in my sock
by BOBBYROOSSSO August 15, 2021
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